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Casa Chorro is ideal for weddings, events, or just spending time with family and friends. 

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7 rooms

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3,071 mts of area

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14 people.

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Fully-equipped kitchen

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Private Infinity Pool

Privacy and seclusion reign at our largest estate home,
complete with a swimming pool and an expansive outdoor living area perfect for entertaining or lounging.


Let us arrange a personalized experience for you.

These services have an extra cost.


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Immerse yourself in this oasis of tranquility with your partner while enjoying a massage session with aromatherapy, essential oils, and hot stones. We have different options to choose the best opportunity for release from everyday stress.

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To take care of the couple to make them shine on
their wedding day, we have a specialized team to
provide exclusive pedicure, manicure & nail art

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A team of professionals will help you with the
make-up and hairstyle according to your
wedding dress, the type of the ceremony, and
your style.

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Yoga lessons benefit from our outdoor classes to
align the breath of your being while enjoying the
incredible panoramic view surrounded by nature

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We have a wide variety of chefs of different
nationalities to offer the best gastronomic quality.

ASK FOR THE SERVICE YOU WANT. / Reception from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.


If you are looking for a beautifully intimate place to celebrate with your favorite people, this is your spot! Set amongst lush green gardens and with its private park, this delightful place offers that touch for your special day.

Quarry esplanade of 350 square meters where you can make your event for a maximum of 150 people. It has four bathrooms for women, four bathrooms for men, lighting, and decor with vegetation from the area. In addition, direct access for wedding planners and an integrated Sonos system to communicate wirelessly. Casa Chorro offers to rent the house alone, or you can rent the house and also rent the esplanades for any type of wedding or event, with a minimum of 4 nights.


A House of Hospitality, Love & Lifestyle in the Heart of San Miguel de Allende.

San Miguel de Allende retains a colonial charm surrounded by mountains, rivers, and vineyards that combine with hand-carved monuments, cathedrals, and cobbled streets that make the dream of a lover fantastical real. Located a few hours north of Mexico City, it was founded in 1542 by Fray Juan de San Miguel, a Franciscan monk. Among its many attractions, It stands out for occupying the most place in the storytelling of the town: El Chorro, the spring that gave life to San Miguel. Legend has it that Fray Juan de San Miguel found it when he saw some dogs drinking water and decided to do. During the 18th century, the "La Canal" family ordered the construction of bathrooms, laundry rooms, and a chapel at the top of the Chorro. In front of this is our 12-room colonial complex, with one of the most privileged views of San Miguel and more than 1200 square meters of space for indoor and outdoor events. We offer a dream place to create memorable moments for the rest of your life.